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Non Comedogenic Moisturizer CeraVe

In this article we will provide an in depth review of CeraVe Lotion (a Non Comedogenic  Moisturizer). Non-Comedogenic means that it doesn’t clog your pores.

This team (product) was very close to participating in the NSEW General Division of the Lotion Challenge League (in the best lotions for very dry skin division).

When we found this lotion, we were originally very excited about including it in NSEW General Division. But, competition in that division is just cut throat.

In the end, it just didn’t make the cut. If you disagree with that league decision, post in the comments and the league may reconsider.

The reviews for CeraVe Moisturizing Lotion were very good.  A 4.6 out of 5 stars is nothing to sneeze at.

Before we made the final decision, we put this team through our own testing to see if perhaps a first hand view of this team might sway the League to pushing this team ahead of one of the other teams.

Our Review of CeraVe Moisturizing Lotion

CeraVe Moisturizing Lotion (a Non Comedogenic Moisturizer)

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Having looked over this lotion and it being one that we were considering for our “best general lotions” division, imagine the surprise when my wife shows up from the store with a bottle of this lotion!

It gave us the perfect excuse to put this product back on the website in the form of a review.  And, to have us reconsider if it should join the NSEW General Division.

So, we’ve been using the non comedogenic moisturizer CeraVe Moisturizing Lotion for months now.  It now time to report back our findings.

Before we even used the product, here were some of our initial findings just doing some team research.

CeraVe Product Details

The folks at CeraVe make a lot of different lotions.

The lotion we’re testing is the one pictured above. It is the one labeled “for normal to dry skin”.

At the time of this post, Amazon was offering this product for $12.78. We don’t know how long that price will last (it had a higher price that was crossed out).

Looking around online, we see prices as high as $16.00. When this post was published, the link we found that we thought was the most reliable was offering 2 12oz bottles for $24.90.

NOTE: Inflation has caused the price of 2 12ox bottles to rise to $29.00.  On top of our review, Amazon ratings are still as high as always.

While researching, I found a less popular link with half as many reviews (still over 400) that sold the same two bottles for  CHEAPER (click HERE for that deal).  Just make sure you are comfortable with the seller.

This CeraVe product claims that is “Provides patented controlled release of ingredients to help repair and restore your skin’s natural protective barrier”.

It also claims to be “Fragrance-free”, “lightweight”, “non-irritating”, non comedogenic moisturizer and “with ceramides and hyaluronic acid“.

According to Wikipedia, ceramides are a “family of waxy lipid molecules”. The claim to fame for ceramide in skin arena is that it is an “anti-aging” agent.

Read about some other “anti-aging” agents in this informative article from the folks at Total Beauty.

While the “acid” part of hyaluronic acid isn’t exactly appealing, the abilities of this skin agent are very beneficial. This article from HealthLine provides 7 Surprising Benefits of Hyaluronic Acid.

Initial Reactions Interview

One squirt goes a long way.

I am able to completely cover my entire face with one squirt. I typically need two or three from other lotions.

While being applied to my skin, the lotion is a little “wetter” than other lotions I’m used to. It feels cool.

When I rub it on, after completing the rub down, my face still feels a little wet. That feeling soon goes away and my skin is left feeling softer than before.

There is no greasy feeling or residue left from the lotion.

I originally didn’t even think about the fragrance of this lotion. Which speaks very highly about just how “fragrance free” this lotion is.

I have bought MANY lotions that claim to be “fragrance free”. But, most of them still have some sort of “flavor” that just isn’t that strong.

As I went back to see what I might have missed while reviewing this product, I saw the “Fragrance Free” claim. Since I couldn’t remember if there was a smell or not, I went back and got another squirt.

With a dollop of lotion on my fingers, I literally can’t smell any fragrance at all.

Writing this blog, I am very aware that hot showers do cause my skin to chafe. For me, this often leave patches of skin that become red and itchy.

Classic eczema symptoms.  A good non comedogenic moisturizer helps with dead skin cells.

I know to turn the hot water down. But, for me, I just can’t stand being cold.

Especially during the winter months (and this has be a doozy of a winter).

So, instead of turning the water towards warm, I still go for the hot water (it feels SO good when the bathroom air is cool).

Instead, I just accept that I’m going to have eczema and that I’ll have to try to combat it with lotions. I’ve been using a different lotion.  But, for this review, I’ve switched to using CeraVe.

After three uses of CeraVe on my eczema patches of skin, the results are very good.

The itching is pretty much all gone. And, the redness is gone.

I’ll provide more feedback as I get more test results. But, initial results are positive.

The extra moistness that I felt on my face is extra good for the dry skin areas I have from the hot showers.

After several days…

Checking back after several days of use… I still like the way this lotion works. But, I have noticed a couple of negatives.

First, the top twists to lock/unlock the lotion.

When traveling, I need something a little safer than just turning the spout. So, I would give a thumbs down to the design of the spout and how to keep it closed while traveling.

Maybe I just haven’t figured out how to lock the spout. But, either the design doesn’t allow for locking. Or, it’s just not obvious to me.

A second negative is that I have now noticed that there is some residue on my face after using the lotion.

Above I had said I didn’t feel and residue. And, I don’t really notice the residue as I’m rubbing the lotion into my face (after all, it is supposed to be a non comedogenic moisturizer).

But, after having it on for several hours, my skin definitely feels like there is something there. It’s not so obvious that it’s annoying. But, since I’m looking a little closer for the review, I do notice this.

My skin is still doing well from an eczema standpoint. So, everything else is still very good.

None of the negatives above have swayed me away from recommending this lotion.

CeraVe Pros/Cons

To determine if a lotion is good enough, we need to weigh the Pros and Cons.

CeraVe Pros

The first think that comes to mind for me is the price of this lotion. There are a lot of good lotions out there. But, this one is very reasonably priced.  Here is my list of positive points:

  • Good price point
  • The lotion isn’t greasy
  • It is extra moist for my dry skin patches
  • I have not experienced any breakouts from the lotion
  • A truly fragrance free lotion
  • Seems to provide longer term relief for my eczema

CeraVe Cons

My only “mild” con is that for the 1 or 2 seconds after I rubbed the lotion onto my face, my face felt almost “wet”. But, even with this “mild” con, after 5 seconds, the lotion had dried and my skin felt soft and I couldn’t really tell that there had been lotion there before. So, here is my bullet list of Cons:

  • Goes on a little “wet”
  • The top doesn’t lock well
  • Some evidence of lotion after several hours and being in a warm setting

CeraVe Conclusions

After several months of using this product:


It’s still early. So, I’m going to reserve my rights to change my mind later (should I break out or something). But, so far this seems like a very high quality product.

CeraVe issues a lot of braggadocio on the label of this product, but as this review stands right now, CeraVe has backed up all their claims.


After almost a year of use I still am recommending this lotion. It still doesn’t take much to cover a lot of skin. And, my dry skin is staying moist.

No breakout problems to report (claim about being a non comedogenic moisturizer seems to hold true). And, CeraVe Moisturing Lotion is still helping my dry itchy skin I have from my “too hot” showers I take in the winter.

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  2. Lew,

    Thank you for your interest in CereVe. We personally use it as well and find it to be top notch!


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