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Where to Buy a Hygrometer

In our post about humidifiers we mentioned that a good hygrometer is a great tool to have so you can see how well your humidifier is working.  So, you want to know where to buy a hygrometer?

Right here!!

Using a good hygrometer will let you know that the climate is perfect for your skin.

This will help to keep your skin from drying out and needing a ton of lotion or a lot of treatment.

Do  You Want the BEST Hygrometer!!


Sometimes a humidifier has a hygrometer built into the product.  Often those can be expensive humidifiers.  And, often they don’t have the other features you might want.

In this post, we review the Top 3 hygrometers.  We also pick which one is the best hygrometer.

And, we show you where to buy a hygrometer (HINT: Click the link above for the best one).

Most Accurate Hygrometer

There are many different hygrometer devices out there.

To know whether they are truly accurate, you don’t have to to have sophisticated expensive equipment.

In this WikiHow tutorial, it describes exactly what you need to do to test your hygrometer.

If your hygrometer doesn’t read 75 like the tutorial suggests, you can adjust the hygrometer to set it to the baseline number to 75.

If your hygrometer isn’t fancy, you can just put a piece of tape with the number to add/subtract from the number the hygrometer is showing.

Types of Hygrometers

There are several types of hygrometers.

Some of the modern versions use technology that is cheaper, but less accurate.  This can be fine for many applications where it’s not that important if the measurement is off by a percentage point or two.

Here are some of the various types of hygrometers:

  • Hair tension (human or animal hair length measurement)
  • Wet and Dry Bulb (measure temp differences between wet and dry bulbs)
  • Metal-paper coil (water vapor absorption by a salt strip attached to a metal coil)
  • Chilled mirror dew point (measures water vapor saturation point)
  • Sling psychrometer (thermometers attached to spinning rope)
  • Resistive (measures changes in electrical resistance for a material due to humidity)
  • Capacitive (measures humidity change of the dielectric constant of a polymer or metal oxide material)
  • Gravimetric (measures the mass of an air sample compared to an equal volume of dry air)
  • Thermal (measures change in thermal conductivity because of humidity )

The measurement of humidity is one of the most difficult metrics to accurately measure.  Hence, the many different types.

Breaking Down Each Type of Hygrometer

Of the types of hygrometers we list above, the Gravimetric is considered the most accurate and most expensive.  They are so expensive, they are typically only used to calibrate other types of hygrometers.

The Chilled mirror dew point hygrometer is also considered very accurate.  However, they are typically high maintenance as they often require cleaning.

Some of the less accurate hygrometers are the Resistive and Capacitive hygrometers.  Although, many modern hygrometers are constructed using these methods.

Older hygrometer that were invented hundreds of years ago include the Dry and Wet bulb, and the Hair Tension hygrometers.

One of the problems is that for some types of hygrometers, the internals are difficult to maintain.  Meaning they don’t keep their properties over time and therefore become inaccurate over time based on external influences.

Best Hygrometer For Home Use

Here are some of our favorites that fans around the Lotion Challenge league use to manage weather conditions.  The General Managers of these teams know where to buy a hygrometer.  They just come here.

Ambient Weather WS-10 Wireless Indoor/Outdoor 8-Channel Thermo-Hygrometer with Three Remote Sensors

Ambient Weather WS-10 Wireless Indoor/Outdoor 8-Channel Thermo-Hygrometer with Three Remote Sensors - Where to buy a Hygrometer (buy this one!)?

Our Best Hygrometer

This product from Ambient Weather provides measurements for humidity and temperature.

The product includes the display console and three remote sensors.

The console displays humidity and temperature from a sensor.

At the same time it displays the humidity and temperature of three remote sensors.

The Ambient Weather WS-10 Wireless Indoor/Outdoor 8-Channel Thermo-Hygrometer with Three Remote Sensors shows the high and low values for humidity and temperature.

It can be configured to issue audible or visual alarms when the humidity and/or temperature falls outside of a configured range.

Up to five additional sensors can be added.

The reviews for this device are absolutely incredible. Approximately 98% of reviewers give it at least 3 stars. And, ZERO reviewers have given 1 star.  To have more than 100 reviews with ZERO 1 star reviews is truly amazing.

You almost never see that for any product.

The less expensive version (less bells and whistles) that is slightly more popular is the Ambient Weather WS-07 Big Digit 8-Channel Wireless Thermo-Hygrometer.  We find this hygrometer to have the best set of features at the best price.

Xikar Round Digital Hygrometer

Xikar Round Digital Hygrometer

A High Quality Hygrometer

Are you into refrigerator magnets?  Well, then this may be the hygrometer for you.

Even if you aren’t into refrigerator magnets, the convenience of this design is compelling.

This small round console can be mounted on your refrigerator just like all of your refrigerator magnets.

Xikar manufactured this product for simplicity and practicality.

The Xikar Round Digital Hygrometer also is able to maintain high accuracy by updating itself every 10 seconds.

And, no calibration is needed to work this fantastic product.

I love that you can just throw this thing on the refrigerator and it’s there for you every time you go to get something to eat.

No wasted counter space.  You don’t accidentally knock it over while using your counter or end tables.  I think this product has a great design!

PYLE Meters PTHM15 Mini Temperature and Humidity Meter with Dew Point and Wet Bulb Temperature

PYLE Meters PTHM15 Mini Temperature and Humidity Meter with Dew Point and Wet Bulb Temperature

A Quality Inexpensive Hygrometer

Pyle produces this product.  The PYLE Meters PTHM15 Mini Temperature and Humidity Meter with Dew Point and Wet Bulb Temperature provides many features:

  • It can shut off it’s power automatically
  • It provides a fast response time
  • It provides a dual display that shows both humidity and temperature

Reviews for this product are very good.  The number of reviews is low.  So, as more reviews come in, we’ll have to see if this product maintains its fast start.

All indications right now are that it will.


Hopefully you now know where to buy a hygrometer.  Just click the link on the one that fits your needs based on the descriptions above!

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