Lotion Challenge

The Lotion Challenge pits top lotions against each other in head to head challenges.

Each lotion uses it’s best features (players) to try and knock out its opponent.

The match is documented blow by blow as each side takes its best shots using each player (ingredient) on the team.  The blows continue until a winner emerges.

The teams (lotions/creams) are separated into divisions so each match is pitting lotions with similar characteristics against one another.

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On occasion inter-divisional matches occur to see if one division is stronger than another.  Watch the action as it takes place.  May the best lotion win!

Dry skin?  Then, watch closely as these titans of supple skin clash. The winners will make your dry skin disappear.

As the play by play is documented, you’ll see why one team (lotion) is winning.  See if the talent they are bringing to the table is the talent that applies to you. 

Every aspect of each “team” is taken into consideration. 

Games In Progress

Here are the active games currently in progress:

Clinique Even Better Makeup vs Covergirl and Olay Foundation
Aveeno Bar With Natural Colloidal Oatmeal vs Vanicream Cleansing Bar
Pola BA Grandluxe II vs L’core Crystaline 60 Sec Face Lift Cream
Lubriderm Sensitive Skin Lotion vs Cetaphil Ultra Hydrating Lotion
InstaNatural Eye Gel Cream vs Yalmeh Aloe Eye Cream
Hempz Original vs Nivea Smooth Sensation
Gold Bond Foot Cream vs Neutrogena Foot Cream
Hemp Hand Protector vs Glysomed Hand Cream
EltaMD UV Clear vs Obagi Medical Sun Shield
Maybelline New York Dream Team vs Bobbi Brown Foundation Stick
Viva Labs Coconut Oil vs Elasta QP Olive Oil & Mango Butter
InstaNatural 100% Pure Argan vs Life-Fro Pure Sunflower Oil
Christina Moss Facial Moisturizer vs Burt’s Bees Night Cream
Shikai Borage vs L’Occitane Shea Butter
Vanicream Sunscreen Sport vs Blue Lizard Australian Sunscreen
Aveeno Active Naturals vs Remedy Olivamine

Let your Fan Voices Count

All of these “teams” (moisturizers) come highly recommended. So, if your favorite team isn’t winning, leave comments to cheer them along. 

You (the 12th man) can affect the outcome by pointing out mistakes the coach may have made by not putting the right “talent” (feature) in the game.

Lotion Challenge (see credit below)In addition to each “box score” we provide feature stories regarding the game (various tidbits regarding skin care).

We reports on various topics of information including the game time weather (climate control and its effects on your skin), injuries (skin malady remedies various skin diseases, acne, scars), and experience (age rollback techniques to help with wrinkle control, dark circles around eyes, etc).

We hope you find the information here useful and entertaining.

For some additional information about skin care, we include experienced reporters (like WebMD, HowCast and many others), which have a plethora of information and talks about the best lotion for dry skin.

The Lotion Challenge Skin Care Divisions

DivisionDescriptionDivision Home PageDivision Leader
Midwest Body DivisionThese teams cover a lot of ground. They play well in the rain. They maintain a high level of performance every day.Division Home PageTBD
North Facial DivisionThese teams will challenge you by getting in your face. They have to play at the top of their game because their results are front and center.Division Home PageTBD
East/West Hands DivisionThis division has no problem being touchy/feely. They have to work extra hard because the play in a venue that has seen a lot of work.Division Home PageTBD
Southern Feet DivisionThe teams in this venue don't get a lot of respect. They are not seen very often on TV. But, their venue where they play is one of the toughest places anywhere. These teams are ready to cream anyone in their way.Division Home PageTBD
NSEW General DivisionThese teams are all over the map. All of these teams are big names in the business. And, they are all flexible enough to take on any team in any venue.Division Home PageTBD
Southwest Sunscreen DivisionThis division is a specialty division that plays best in outside venue. Their game is wasted in a domed environment. But, some of these teams have the versatility to compete in many of the other divisions.Division Home PageTBD
Squeaky Clean Bar Soap DivisionThis division is made up of teams whose entire motivation seems to be to just get to the showers. These teams have a lot of talent that can cross over and compete in the hands and facial divisions.Division Home PageTBD
Foundation Coverage DivisionThese teams are arch rivals with the Facial Division. The teams in this division have a strong fan base. But, are often accused of hiding something.Division Home PageTBD
Crows Feet DivisionLaser focus is required to compete in this division. Experience is a factor as these teams face it week in and week out. For those teams that don't play with youthful exuberance, time will have passed them by.Division Home PageTBD
Slippery Oils DivisionThe teams in this division have an inferiority complex because all the other divisions say they just too different to be in this league. But, some of these contenders are making a case that lotion or cream isn't where it's at.Division Home PageTBD
Northeast Luxury DivisionLoaded with top notch free agents. These teams are tough to beat, but can sometimes be a little soft.Division Home PageTBD

HowCast Reports On Game Winning (Skin Care) Techniques

I’ve been a huge fan of HowCast for years. Every since I found them on Tivo podcasts, I’ve enjoyed their endless stream of just simply fantastic content.

So, imagine my joy when I found that the folks at HowCast had put together a little “game strategy” podcast called “How to Moisturize Your Body”.

This little tidbit of great info also reinforces some of the things we talk about on the Humidifier Buying Tips page we already have on our Lotion Challenge site.

The league will be watching this closely for game time strategies!!


Beauty Is Only Skin Deep

Beauty - Thoughts by Lotion Challenge

“Beauty” by Vinoth Chandar, via Flickr (CC BY 2.0)

They say Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder.

For example, in this photo taken of a little girl in India, you might think that a photo in black and white might not stand out.

Or, that a photo named “Beauty” might be represented better using a super model or some other stunning professional.

But, this photo has a simpleness about it.

The out of focus background forces your eyes to the only thing in focus, the little girl.

You can almost sense her shyness. She seems to have a facial expression that emotes a question.

There’s an innocence there that shines through.

The photographer says it was difficult getting the shot because of how truly shy the girl was.

All of this together makes the title of the picture, “Beauty” that much more appropriate.

What makes this relevant to a website about skin products? Well, you might think “not much”.  Perhaps the common denominator is the name of the image “Beauty”.

But, as I said at the beginning, “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder”.

So, if you use the products on this website to bring out your innocence, or to soften your skin in a way that brings focus to you in the same way this image forces your eyes towards the girl. Then, you’ve accomplished what this picture does. And, you can then represent, just as this picture does: “Beauty”.

Best Lotions For Dry Skin

While some lotions are multipurpose (and can vie for the title of the best lotion for dry skin), often it’s better to use different lotions for different part of your body.

Or, different lotions for different occasions.

At Lotion Challenge, we organized teams (products) into divisions with each division excelling with these different categories of features:

  • Body Lotions
  • Facial Creams
  • Hand Creams
  • Foot Creams
  • General Purpose Lotions
  • Lotions with SPF
  • Bar of Soap
  • Foundation Creams
  • Eyes Creams
  • Oils
  • Luxury Lotions

Body Lotions

Some body lotions are used while bathing. Others, are typically used after a bath.

When using a body lotion while bathing, it is often used in place of traditional bar soap.

In an upcoming article Best Body Lotion, we have targeted the best body lotion for dry skin for your body.

Facial Creams

There are actually several types of face lotions. Some are specifically the best lotion for dry skin for parts of the face.

For example, there are eye creams, wrinkle creams, lotions with SPF to protect you from the sun, anti-aging creams, and general purpose facial creams.

In an upcoming article Best Face Cream, we focus on a few lotions that have been specifically designed to be used on your face.

We’ve put the best lotion for dry skin in the table above. But, if you want to hear about the facial creams above. Or, some of the other facial creams we’ve found. Then, go to Best Face Cream article and you will find out even more about the facial creams that we’ve hand picked to fit your needs.

Hand Creams

In our research of other lotions, we’ve found that there are many types of lotions/moisturizers/creams that are made just for the hands. The hands can be a problem area for some.

So, in an upcoming article Best Hand Cream, we’ll look for those hand creams and the best lotion for dry skin for the hands that not only work well, but still allow your hands to not be handicapped by a lotion that leave your hands slippery, greasy, or otherwise effected.

Foot Creams

Another problem area for some folks are their feet.

If you perhaps spend a lot of time barefoot. Or, maybe you’re a runner or an athlete.

Or, if you just have naturally dry skin on your feet, this upcoming article about the Best Foot Cream might be of use.

In this article we provide a list of foot creams that have been found to be effective keeping the skin on your feet feeling youthful, soft, and healthy.

General Purpose Lotions

General purpose lotions are ones that do not target a particular part of your body.

For example, we are not including facial, eyes, hand or feet lotions in this category.

Some of these general purpose teams (lotions) have the talent to compete against teams in any other division (on all parts of your body).

Some fans (you guys) are lucky enough that a team from the general purpose division meets all of your skin protection needs.

Others fans prefer to root for a team in each division (or have different types skin on different parts of your body).

Or, perhaps just want to get enhanced results by using a lotion that is made to target a particular part of the body.

In the article Best Lotions for Very Dry Skin, we’ve identified the lotions that reviews have found to be the best general purpose lotions on the market.

Lotions with Sunscreen

For many of us, protecting our skin from the effects of the sun is not only essential for our general health.

It is also useful in keeping our skin looking youthful. SPF protects us from dangerous UVA and UVB sun rays. It also keeps many of us from getting painful sunburns. Even if the sun isn’t strong enough to cause a sunburn, the effects of the sun can still leave our skin looking wrinkled and weathered.

In our article Best Sunscreen For Sensitive Skin, we focus on the best lotion for dry skin that provide SPF protection.

We talk about the benefits of SPF. And, call out several lotions that have beneficial ingredients that will help protect your skin better if you find yourself in need of sun protection.

Bar of Soap

If you don’t use a body lotion in the shower, you probably use a bar of soap.  If so, that means that a bar of soap is likely the type of skin product that is the most often applied to your entire body.

Getting this type of product right is essential to great skin health.

So, even if you might have a favorite team in another division, you probably will want to root for one team or another in the Squeaky Clean Bar Soap Division.

As you would expect, there are some powerhouse teams in this division.  Some of these are early favorites to contend for the Lotion Challenge trophy.

Foundation Creams

The Foundation Coverage division consists of solid teams.  Any of these teams are built from the ground up and have very few weaknesses.

Any contender in this division has to be consistent because they always play in a very public venue.  So, any mistakes are out there for the world to see.

So, beating any of these teams will be difficult.  And, will require consistency and longevity.

Eyes Creams

The Crows Feet Division has a very proud history.  There is no shortage of experience for any of these teams.

But, be careful.  You might think you can run circles around some of these “older”, more experienced teams.  But, that’s what they want you to think.

Teams in this division have to work extra hard to keep their venue in shape.  So, if you underestimate one of these teams, you will find their work ethic and experience together make them extremely difficult to beat.


Teams in the Slippery Oils Division are cut from a different mold.

So, you can’t attack any of these teams in the same way you think you can attack other teams in the Lotion Challenge league.

Evasive doesn’t begin to describe how difficult it is to get a good grip on this opponent.

These teams also have characteristics that no other divisions have.  This makes them hard to game plan for.  And, difficult to get a handle on.

Luxury Lotion

In the article Luxury Lotion, we’ve found some particularly exotic moisturizers that those without monetary constraints have found to be sinfully good.

If you find yourself looking for that gift for that someone that has everything, and you’re not worried about how much to spend, these luxury lotions might be just what you’re looking for.

Many of these lotions are called the best lotion for dry skin.

Final Score Pages

If you’ve been following a Lotion Challenge game and want to see the final score and who won, you can go to the Completed Games page to view completed games.

Additional Resources

The above best lotion for dry skin are key products for keeping your skin healthy.

Here are some other links that may be of interest if you’re looking for other skin related improvement techniques.

Different skin types have different needs. Be sure to look through all of the articles to find other top notch products that can help your skin stay soft and supple.

  1. For Acne help, see this page: Best Acne Treatment for Men
  2. Oils can sometimes provide a deeper longer lasting effect. See this article for more information: Best Oil For Dry Skin
  3. Looking to spoil your skin with the ultimate treatments? See this article for lotions that will blow your skin away: Luxury Lotion
  4. Wanting to change your inside climate to help your skin, see this article about Humidifier Buying Tips.

Thank You

Thank you for looking though our website. We hope this page listing the best lotion for dry skin was useful.

Please look through the other posts and reviews on this Lotion Challenge web site.

When looking at the game pages, the ingredients are the players and their talents are the actual features that the specific ingredient brings to the lotion.  We try to play on words for the ingredients.  But, you can use the action by an ingredient to understand what it provides, and if it violates any “rules” that would make it a “bad player” in the Lotion Challenge universe.

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