Feb 102015

Affiliate Disclosure

The FTC is responsible for enforcing laws related to the disclosure of earnings related to affiliate advertising. This page is the full detailed affiliate disclosure regarding how we chose products to be displayed and marketed. It is intended to disclose that Jaggerware LLC receives compensation for marketing products that can be bought on another website that is affiliated with this Jaggerware LLC website. This purpose of this website is to provide information that may help you to decide on purchases related to skin products. Should you find the information useful and click on some (not all) of the links in this website, the link may take you to an affiliate site that will compensate Jaggerware LLC. The www.lotionchallenge.com website drives traffic to an affiliate website. Should the user then buy products on the affiliate website, Jaggerware LLC will receive compensation from that affiliate. The affiliate pays Jaggerware LLC for having provided a useful way to direct traffic to their site. Jaggerware LLC does not receive any compensation directly from any of the product owners. Only from the affiliate website (for example, Amazon) that is selling the product. To be clear, the products chosen for display on www.lotionchallenge.com are chosen based on their merit. Not based on any “kick backs” received for the specific product. That being said, there are rare occasions that a product might not be chosen for display because it doesn’t have an affiliate relationship. Jaggerware LLC is the owner of www.lotionchallenge.com. As the owner, we have created this blog as an informational service. As a part of our affiliate disclosure, Jaggerware LLC does not claim direct knowledge of any of the products displayed on this website (although we have personally used some of them). Jaggerware LLC has not received any discounts or free trials or gifts from any of the companies that produce the products on this website. To learn more about affiliate marketing and affiliate disclosure, go to here.

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